Ed Keeler


XL Real Estate


  • B.S. in Marketing—University of Maryland

  • B.A. in Communications— University of Maryland

  • Graduate Realtor Institute

    Only 19% of Realtors have earned the GRI designation. It requires a
    specific, unhealthy intensive series of 90 hours of classroom instruction, and
    covering a variety of subjects including: contract law, recipe professional
    standards, sales and marketing, and finance.


  • Became a Realtor in 1988
  • Owned and Managed Rental Properties
  • Became a Broker in 2004

Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson in Maryland merely requires 60 hours of education and passing a 110 question test. To be a Broker, you need an additional 135 hours of education, 3 years of experience and must pass a 120 question test.

 Advantage to Sellers

Explosive Marketing Campaign

Ed puts his degree in marketing to good use by exposing your property to more than 60,000 local agents and on web sites that draw millions of consumers monthly. Ed Keeler will market your home on all of these sites:

Virtual Tours and Photos taken using a wide angle lens

Home buyers say that the two most important features to them in real estate advertising are photos and detailed descriptions. Often, buyers will ignore a home that doesn’t have photos because they assume that there is a reason photos are excluded. Even if photos are included, the average camera doesn’t have the ability to capture a small room. If you examine most property photos, a bedroom shot will just show a bed and give you the impression that the room is small. By using a camera with a wide angle lens, an expansive view of the room can be shown.

Thoroughness to insure that the transaction settles

Ed requires that all offers include a financial information sheet from the purchaser. He personally reviews the qualifications of the purchaser and interviews the lender to make sure that your property settles without any last minute surprises.

You won’t get nickled and dimed


Most real estate companies are now charging their clients additional “Processing fees” of $200-$500 dollars per transaction on top of their commission. Ed continues to charge a flat commission, with no add-ons!

Advantage to buyers

Sophisticated Software helps you to find the home before other buyers

Ed Keeler spends thousands of dollars per year on software programs that constantly search for new homes meeting your specific criteria. New listings can be sent to you as frequently as every hour.

Smooth and Stress Free Transaction

You’ve heard the horror stories about last minute problems that delay settlement—after you’ve already loaded all your worldly possessions onto a moving truck. Skip the nightmare! Ed has identified the best inspectors, mortgage professionals, and title companies to assure you of a smooth transaction that settles right on time.

The Secret to a Successful Offer

Many people believe that price is the only concern of a seller. There are often other issues that are more important to a seller. Ed Keeler has become very successful at learning about the seller’s needs and being creative in writing your offer. As a result, we can often save you money and help to get you the home of your dreams.

Is Your Agent looking out for Your Best Interests?

Ed Keeler always works with buyers as a Buyer’s Agent – representing your best interests. The good news for you is that all buyer’s agent fees are traditionally paid by the seller. However, many real estate companies are now adding processing fees” of $200-$500 that are paid by the buyer at settlement. Ed runs a very efficient business and passes the savings along to you by never charging a “processing fee.”

Discover Property Defects Before Making an Offer

Often buyers fall in love with a house, but fail to notice potential problems or items that could be huge expenses after a purchase. Since the home inspection is conducted after the offer is negotiated, they’re surprised when the home inspector identifies problems. This places the buyer in the difficult situation of trying to negotiate major repairs by the seller. Ed can help you to avoid many of these difficulties by pointing out potential problems as you view the home.